Ellen M. Murphy
President & CEO

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Walsh & Associates, Inc.

The company was founded in 1968 and represents top chemical, container and equipment manufacturers in all or part of seventeen states." . The mission of Walsh & Associates, Inc. is clear: continuous improvement to sustain a recognition as the best distributor organization in the eyes of customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and by the communities in which we live.

Sales and Service Territories

Missouri, Central and Southern Illinois, Central and Southern Iowa , Southwest Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North and West Alabama and Southern Idaho, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana

Industries Served

Paint and Coatings, Chemical, Personal Care, Food, Ink, Drug, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Rubber, Soap and Detergent, Adhesive, Sealant, Agriculture, Oil and Grease.


Chemicals, Containers and Equipment.

Sales and Service Personnel


Sales and Warehouse Locations

- St. Louis, MO
- Kansas City, MO
- Denver, CO
- Memphis, TN
- Nashville, TN
- Salt Lake City, UT
- Dallas, TX