Scot Westerbeek

Other Officers:
Gary Westerbeek
Vice President

Jim Barton

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Matteson-Ridolfi, Inc.
DETROIT (Riverview)

Matteson-Ridolfi, Inc. is a distributor of raw materials for the coating, ink, adhesive, sealant, plastic, lubricant and pharmaceutical industries. Our goal is to market our suppliers products, provide superior service to our customers and aid in the development of new products from our suppliers for our customers. We will strive to accomplish our vision by offering quality products at a competitive price and use ethical business practices in an effort to benefit our client base as well as our suppliers.

Sales and Service Territories

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania

Industries Served

Paint, chemical, food, ink, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, paper and foundry.


Chemical raw materials and dispersion equipment.

Sales and Service Personnel


Sales and Warehouse Locations

- Detroit, MI
- Cleveland, OH
- Louisville, KY